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Yes, you could own a website for free and choose to keep it or not after a month. 

We will hear your complete story and handover you a website within a day.

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Types of websites we offer.

Explore the wide variety of websites that we offer. We care for every business and we think it as a right of every business to be available to the global audience. Our affordable price separates us from the others, offering websites at just $99 only. Have a look at the categories we have divided the websites into. We have further explained the sub-categories. 


If great artists are out there who understand your call to be one. We think it is your right to be available to them 24/7. Whether you are a Singer, Painter, DJ, Dancer, VJ, Photographer, Actor, Guitarist, Fashion Designer or a Model, We will help you achieve your dream.

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Spread the style with Clothing & Fashion Websites. Help children to learn more with your Toys & Hobbies Website. Make them learn how Electronics & Media Websites are making each day, Hassle Free. Organize their world by selling Furnitures Online, etc.

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Shaping the future of any country is in the hands of Education. Whether you want to spread Education or have a Private or Public Insatitution to provide Education. We help you all to create the best online experience for a student. As we know how important Education is.

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Make your products available to their doorstep with our best E-commerce Websites design. Never miss anything from your business through Business Community & Lead Generation Website. 

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This world is its people. If you have a Social Service Organization or want to increase the reach of your Community. Everything's just a website away. We will help you in making this world a better place. 

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Know your market with us and operate accordingly. Show the best of your products and designs in a convincing way. A Fashion Designer or a Beauty Specialist knows what it takes to convince customers. We know that you people create smiles with your work, we will just make it much more happening.

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Make them drink the cultural juice of the world  through places where people unite. Temporary event or a long lasting season, we help you from head to toe, to manage your audiences with our well designed session statistics tool to monitor your audience and generate leads.

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Show the best of your innovative dishes to the world, if you had a dream to start your own restaurant, we say start with us, we will guide you through everything how an online restaurant is supposed to be. Let the world know what grains are you cooking to create the best of the breweries.

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Inspire, Motivate, Indulge and Admire people who serve the best of your interest and passion. Deliver the best of your Personel Training or Yoga Services, with real time interactions. If your passion is to transform people lives, we say start the journey with us.

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We know that no matter how busy we are in our everyday schedule, there are things we need guidance or assistance for. A life Coach to guide us for a healthy mental life. A Spa or a Massage to take all the worries away. All this is accesible hassel free to everyone, start with us.

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We welcome everyone, whether Advocates, Detectives & Organizations, Law Firms, Pest Control people, Real Estate or Business Consultants. We understand that you try your best to provide services at its best, we are you, so we understand.

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Did you just create a New Application with one of the most toughest programming languages or a techie with multiple hands but no website. Do you want to run your own tech videos apart from Youtube or you just want to play in an online arena. We will help!

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We are a complete package!









Are you fed up with small website problems very frequently?

Don’t worry, We will give you a Solution!

Managing a website is a great deal, we understand it takes effort to take out time and engage with customers on a daily basis. So, we will maintain your website in a way that will improve your websites overall traffic and user experience in focus to improve ranking on Google and authority over other domains because eventually only those websites are listed in SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) which contain fresh and relevant content (keeping in view the reader or browser experience).

We give our best in every field!

Websites that we design are immersive and would make you wonder the beauty. You have to agree with the fact that “A Fish can’t fly”. Likewise, there is no point in making a medical website with features and beauty needed for a Travel or a Photography website. Psychologists have discovered color combinations that could trigger specific human behavior and cure Epilepsy (know more about Epilepsy and Cognitive Behavior through color combinations). We keep in view this perspective to create Photography, Art & Design, and Travel websites to make the user experience as realistic as possible. So you don’t have to worry if people get inspired or not, leave this work for a techie!



Aside from high-quality developers and designers, what really made the difference working with ‘Make My Website’ was the exceptional project management. I always felt confident everything was in hand and together we delivered a new website exactly on deadline and on budget – what more can you ask for in a Web development team?!

Bushra Ahsany

If you have zero knowledge about creating a website and want one for your online business, I recommend getting one of the websites. I’ve gone from a complete WordPress newbie to having an actual website in one week! I’ve received many compliments on my spanking new website. Thank you so much!

Lisa Williams

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