Yes, you heard it right!

With Make My Website you can own a website for free.

Anyone can own a website, but being a businessman, is owning a website for free most important, or running a successful online business?

Your interest in owning a website because it is offered for free shows that you are trapped in one of those marketing techniques on the internet.

Today’s Digital Market is filled with such Marketing techniques, only to attract traffic. But at Make My Website, our primary objective is to make your business grow in the long run.

Business owners don’t have enough time to spend on creating a website and managing it on an everyday basis. The creation of a website includes work in different fields, but the efforts are of no worth if the objective of the business is not fulfilled, which is to earn consistent Profits. So one must understand that running a successful online business, and making more profits, are directly connected.

We understand this connection, so we give you a website with no cost involved for the first 15 days. We will refund you the money if you do not want us to work for you after 30 days.

Make My Website designs websites from a core Digital Marketing perspective, we understand that successfully running an online business, and profits, are correlated with each other. Having a website is different, but a website that attracts the audience relevant to your business niche is another.

How does it work?

One can create a website, but running an online business successfully demands knowledge about various fields of the Digital Marketing world, for you to make the right choice!

With the knowledge we are going to provide, you will always be able to make the right choice in the right direction, you will know how much money does it genuinely costs to run a successful online business.

Taking your business online means two basic aspects to be fulfilled. The first is to create a website from a core Digital Marketing perspective. The second is taking care of your website regularly.

There is a set frame designed to reach your desired goal in any online business. Over a period when you start to know the digital world, the objective of the business doesn’t only remain profits but demands a collective approach. So here is a list of steps to create a website from scratch, and work on which will give you a basic idea about domains of digital marketing, which will help you to reach your desired goal when you will start running an online business successfully:


Purchasing a domain name is the first thing you need to create a website. There are countless platforms available that can provide you with a domain name.

Make My Website provides you with a domain that is best suited for your business niche. Here are 4 important points to keep in mind while purchasing a domain name:

Short & Crisp
A domain name that is too long likely takes a long time to type and results in more typos, which in turn results in loss of traffic. A short and crisp domain name is very easy to type and allows customers to search in one go, users should be able to identify what your business is about.

Keyword Relevant
A keyword-relevant domain name will drive far more traffic to your website, than just a short and crisp domain. You have to perform enough research to see what people are looking for on search engines, as well as on social media, under your business category. When it comes to keyword relevancy of a domain name, merely research is not enough, you have to figure out which keyword will drive more consistent traffic to your business over a longer period, even if the competition is high. Because the domain name is not like any replaceable content on your website, you cannot change, if you find it inappropriate later.

Make Sure It’s Not Taken
You don’t want to steal someone else’s trademark or a brand name, which can be in a different domain extension for example .in / .org / .net, etc. That’s why extensive research is required before you choose a domain name.

Unique and Brandable
A unique domain name will set you aside from the competition, and it shows that the audience gets more attracted towards a unique domain than just a common trending keyword. Remember that the name should also be brandable, it must be able to show a contextual meaning to the user, for example, and, both domains sound good, but clearly, Amazon seems to be more Brandable and Unique.


After purchasing a domain name the next step is to purchase web hosting (a cloud-based platform to host your website files and data). It is exactly like building a house to keep the stuff you need inside after you have purchased land with an address. Make sure to purchase fully managed hosting, so you don’t have to look anywhere else for Web Hosting Services.

Make My Website keeps these 5 important points to choose a perfect Web Hosting for your website:

Uptime of a web host means the time for which a system/computer was available and continuously running, without any reported or visible issues. Issues usually result in loss of traffic and revenue. If the host server is unresponsive on Sundays, and you run an e-commerce website, then you are likely to lose a lot of growth potential of your online business. Uptime is calculated in percentage(%), and companies usually go for a Five-Nines availability goal, which is 99.999% of uptime.

Traffic Limit
Not everyone is aware that some web hosting companies have traffic limits. This means, after crossing set traffic for a month, the host will stop displaying your website and charge you extra money for the exceeded traffic. Make My Website provides you a web hosting that holds no such charges with unlimited traffic in every package.

Storage Capacity
The more storage you select for a web host, the more money you need to pay. Make sure the storage limit you purchase is not exhausted before the next renewal, also never pay extra loads of money only to be safe. Research is needed on the type of website, files, and data that you will use for storage, to have an approximate idea about how much storage you need in a year. The goal is to utilize money effectively.

TLS/SSL Certificate
TLS stands for Transport Layer Security, which is an upgraded version of what people use to call SSL or Secure Sockets Layer. TLS/SSL certificate is an extra layer of security you add to your website, which means whatever data the user will use to communicate with your website will be encrypted. This is important to gain the trust of every user, especially if you accept online payments. You should always purchase a web hosting package that comes with a TLS/SSL certificate, so if you have an issue, you should have support available handy.

Customer Support & Services
One of the most important features you must keep in mind while purchasing a fully managed web hosting is its Customer Support & Services. Be aware of the services you will get from your web hosting company, and make sure that it comes with a customer support feature. It always satisfies to have a person to talk to, rather than figuring out the problem on your own.


After you have purchased a domain name, and web hosting, the design comes into picture. Website Design plays a crucial part in creating a website. It means, How you want your website to be displayed! To make it more understandable, the process of designing a website is like an Architect and an Interior Designer working together to make your home look more stunning and attractive. Where every piece of the displayed content is carefully placed, to drive users through a Marketing Funnel.

Have you ever visited a website and realized that you have been there for a while without realizing it?

Website Designing is a very important part to get a hold of your user, to have a non-effective bounce rate (users bouncing off your website from the landing page). While a poor design could negatively affect your business.

Make My Website offers cheap and affordable Website Designing packages for every business.

Since designing is not like purchasing a domain name or web hosting, talking from an owners’ perspective. Without explaining the core technicalities, here are 5 things you must keep in mind while designing a website:

Website Theme
You must perform extensive research to find out what subject themes are relevant for your business website, and which ones are currently trending. Based on which you will have an idea, about how users want websites to be displayed in your business niche. The subject theme is nothing, but display of colors, elements of website design, and the overall feel it creates.

Never fill your navigation bar with irrelevant tabs, just because you want to offer everything you have to the user, right from the landing page. A well-strategized navigation bar is an example of a good website design. The navigation should always be to the point, shouldn’t cover more than the required amount of space, and always gives the user an option to go back where he landed from anywhere on the website.

The parent page of your website, the only page which will attract more traffic than the overall website is the homepage. Designing a homepage is the first thing you must do while laying down the design of the website. You must consider driving users through a marketing funnel (a core Digital Marketing perspective) as soon as they land on the homepage.

Speed & Mobile Friendly
Designing a website lays the foundation for the speed of a website. Perfectly used space, appropriate image size, optimal video resolution, are some key features of a responsive website that loads fast.

In the virtual era where machines are becoming as compact and precise as possible, people have started to shift from big screens to small ones. Statistics show that 68.1% of overall websites visited globally, in 2020, was from mobile devices, while 3.1% was from tablets, and 28.8% was from Desktops/Computers. it clearly shows how important it is to make your website mobile-friendly also.

Siloing Pages
Siloing your website means giving a hierarchical structure to your website pages, grouping pages with similar content together through internal linking. This is a very important part of website design because it will navigate the search engine crawling spiders to the relevant content, for a targeted query. What crawlers look for is the relevance of displayed information with the searched keyword, if the website pages are not internally linked, and are misplaced, you are likely missing out on ranking at a much higher spot. The aim is to provide crawlers with as much relevant information we have for the targeted keyword, as possible.


Content is King!

As Bill Gates said once.

Everything you see on the internet, including audio, video, images, and written information, is Content.

Without relevant content, a website is just like an empty Castle. Though it looks magnificent from the outside, it has nothing to offer.

A well-strategized content is just like the google map guiding you to your desired location, but most of the time things usually boil down to the website designer’s perspective, and content writer’s skills.

Make My Website creates carefully crafted content for every website we offer.

Here are 2 important points to check if the content is good for your website:

Marketing Funnel
The Marketing Funnel is a deliberate way of guiding a user through the content, giving him the relevant information, and converting into a customer in the end. The approach is to display the content in such a way that it works step by step. There are various types of Digital Marketing Funnels one can design, depending on your business niche. The most common one includes Awareness, Engagement, Desire, and Conversion.

Keywords are the pillar of content writing! They are the trending topics of search among internet users, it shows what information your targeted audience is looking for. Extensive keyword research is required to get familiar with trending topics and those which can drive traffic to your website. These keywords are the pinpoints that help search engine crawlers to identify how relevant a piece of content is to a query.


Search engine optimization and website maintenance is the last thing you do and are usually some of the most avoided factors in creating a website.

But in today’s digital era, one of the most important things we forget is competition. No matter what business niche you serve, we are sure there will be countless websites under your competition which demand the same audience.

SEO means optimizing your website to rank higher among SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), for search queries relevant to the information you have displayed on the website. It usually takes 2-6 months to see the visible results of SEO, being the only reason to be the most avoided aspect of website creation.

Make My Website understands the futility of SEO if not done properly, that is why we only use White Hat SEO techniques (techniques under the search engine guidelines). We consider SEO more important than Website Designing, because having a website that generates no traffic is pointless, and a waste of money for the business owner.

Website Maintenance is also a part of SEO but it is seen as a different task, as it needs time to be spent on an everyday basis. But maintenance of a website is very important to check for existing problems and updates regularly, and to run an online business for a longer time.

This includes replacing your content with a fresh one because users don’t always behave in the same way. The trends change, and so does the competition, which is nothing but all demand and supply.

SEO and website maintenance is a continuous process that demands Research, Business & Competition Analysis, and understanding the Targeted Audience. Make My Website works regularly on your website to see what is in demand and supply the virtual market with the relevant information.


Keeping all the above-mentioned points in consideration to create a website, we offer cheap websites to shop for small businesses. Most of the clients that a business gets today are online, so we are offering websites to almost every business owner out there.

Owning a website was never so easy and affordable as it is with Make My Website. We offer the best free websites for Startup Businesses and those who operate on a smaller scale.

We make sure that you only pay for the services availed, and we give you a free website to own for the first 15 days with no cost involved. If you do not want us to work for you anymore, we will give you a refund of what you have paid after 30 days.

(Please read our refund policy for more details about our 30 days money-back guarantee.)


Are you planning to take your business online?

In this Digital era, you might consider this the best decision for business.

Purchasing a Domain Name is a first step in the process of creating a website!

Every-time one thinks of starting an online business, or taking an existing business online, having a website first comes to mind.



Do you have a website?

Are you not able to manage the online presence of your business?

Is your website not generating enough traffic and conversions?

Maybe your website ranking on search engines is too low to be noticed by the targeted audience! Or perhaps it is because being a business owner, you do not have enough time to maintain your website on a regular basis.

This blog focuses on guiding you what exactly is Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Website Maintenance, and how these two tasks are different from each other.

What is the difference between SEO & Website Maintenance?

Although website maintenance is a part of Search Engine Optimization, there are some aspects of SEO like, Sitemap, Siloing, Internal Linking, Website Backup, Landing Pages Design etc, which are to be done only once, and rest everything you do afterwards, is based on the analytics over time, and is called Website Maintenance, being a part of SEO, overall, SEO and maintenance is a continuous process.

Whether it is to update the existing keywords of your website’s content, or writing a new blog to generate more traffic for a targeted marketing campaign. Monitoring authority & conversions over time to set new goals to work on, all these things are a part of website maintenance.

You see, creating a website is not the only thing, most of the business owners out there are not able to run their online business successfully because they lack the required knowledge. With the help of this blog you will know what aspects of Digital Market you need to focus and invest in, to keep your online business running successfully over time.

What is SEO?

If you want me to be short and crisp, the whole process of Search Engine Optimisation is only to improve the ranking of your online business over others on Search Engines.

Some of you who are new to online business and digital marketing, might wonder what this ranking factor is in SEO?

Imagine, you are frustrated with the speed of your website when you open it on a mobile device. Being a business owner you have friends who own an online business, and you have seen their website load much faster than yours.

Finally you have taken out time to research on this, so you start typing in google, “How to improve your website speed?”.

Why do I need SEO to rank better, when I have created the website from a Digital Marketing perspective, and hired a professional website designer?

As I said, just creating a website is not enough to keep the business running successfully over time.

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