Let The Girl Learn

Women empowerment in India is one of the greatest topics of all time for discussion. And has been for a very long time now. The understanding of the very core of circumstances and their indirect connection with womens is plausible. There are countless NGOs working to empower womens in India, although the subject has its roots embedded in many regions across the world, but the intensity and count of women’s crime apparently changes over time and culture. There are many Long & Short term effects of women’s crime and suffering. India has been a Hot-Spot for such topics because you get to see a great cultural diversity and learn how womens are treated among various cultures, eventually learning the impact of cultures on women, specifically. If I had to explain you the root cause of everything, I might sound off-subject, because the roots started centuries before, making the task of women empowerment difficult today, creating a need to make a better place for coming generations and thus, taking those small measures that will shape the tomorrow of girl’s in India. I have divided the subject into various sub-headings, to make things clear with a reference.