Technical SEO

Just need something simple to tell people what you do?

Ensure Google can crawl and index your website

It doesn’t matter how great your website content is, or how many links you earn from other reputable and relevant websites, if your site can’t be indexed by Google you have zero chance of showing up in their search engine results pages (SERPS). We’ll make sure you keep Google happy.

Technical SEO

Here’s how we ensure Google can crawl and index your website.


We’ll create an XML sitemap that tells Google what pages and posts you have on your website.


We’ll make sure your site runs super quick providing a fantastic user experience for your visitors.


We’ll make sure your site runs over a secure connection and keeps your visitors details safe.


We’ll make sure Googlebot is able to access your robots.txt file and crawl and index your content.


We’ll make sure your website works well on mobiles and passes Google’s mobile friendly test.

Structured data

We’ll make your website content stand out on Google using rich snippets and data markup.

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